JASC Celebrates Quality Milestone

JASC celebrated a milestone today as the company’s quality assurance department logged the intake of its 10,000th lot of parts. The logbook was inaugurated in August 2003 as part of the JASC’s quality management system. Since that time nearly 1.9 million parts have been received. As testament to the value of JASC’s quality control procedures and system, a 98.6% acceptance rate has been achieved.

Two of JASC’s quality personnel, Santiago Castro and Demian Lozano-Phillips are veterans of Marine Corps Squadron VMF-214 Blacksheep and they helped the company celebrate with a cake cutting ceremony. The first piece of cake was given to JASC’s first employee (and founder) Harvey Jansen. The second piece was passed to the newest employee, Alex Garfio, signifying the passing of experience and knowledge from the old to the young and emphasizing the fact that we care for our newest employees as well as our future before we look to our own needs.

JASC thanks all of its valued suppliers for their support in providing consistent, quality materials.