Enhancing Gas Turbine Fuel Flexibility

JASC actively cooled fuel valve designs upgrade standard liquid fuel check valves and 3-way purge valves. More importantly, these modifications significantly enhance gas turbine transfer capability from the primary natural gas system to the back-up liquid fuel system.

actively-cooled-liquid-fuel-check-valveJASC’s actively cooled fuel control valves mitigate fuel oil degradation in high temperature turbine compartment environments. The absence of coke formation on valve internal components and liquid fuel supply lines due to high temperature has an immediate impact on turbine fuel system reliability. Specifically, our coke-free valve’s ability to maintain an ANSI Class VI seal prevents compressor discharge pressure and purge air from back-flowing through the valves and evacuating the liquid fuel system. Active cooling is also applied to the liquid fuel supply lines, thus allowing extended intervals of turbine operation on natural gas without liquid fuel viscosity increases which impact valve reverse flow sealing functionality when internal surfaces are coated with fuel that is the consistency of tar.

Common control diagnostic faults such as high exhaust temperature spreads, excessive fuel flow trips and high exhaust temperature trips will also be significantly reduced, if not eliminated altogether. These fault and trip conditions are symptomatic of fuel lines which have been evacuated by leaking fuel control valves. While increasing pre-fill timers is one of the typical recommendations for addressing the issue of fuel system evacuation, large pockets of air always remain in the fuel system and manifest as faults, trips and catastrophic failures of fuel pumps, flow dividers and fuel filters.

actively-cooled-three-way-purgeBenefits of actively cooled valves include, but are not limited to, natural gas to liquid fuel transfer success rates approaching 100%, no maintenance or service for the fuel system hardware until major turbine outage intervals are reached and the avoidance of multiple start attempts on liquid fuel. Improved reliability for fuel system components such as flow dividers, fuel pumps and fuel nozzles will also be achieved. Enhancing gas turbine fuel flexibility with actively cooled valves is a simple, inexpensive, yet elegant approach for addressing back-up liquid fuel system reliability.

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About JASC Controls

For over 20 years, JASC Controls has been supporting both gas turbine OEMs and turbine owners with fuel system design, development, hardware failure analysis, product improvement and fuel system troubleshooting. During this time, a wide array of products have been invented to address issues which impact operational capability for the back-up liquid fuel system on dual fuel gas turbines. All of JASC’s products were created as a direct result of resolving our valued customer’s field issues. Our in-depth analysis of both hardware and systems has resulted in many design innovations which are patented. Consequently, our unique expertise allows us to support our customers in a manner which exceeds that of the typical supplier. Our goal is to achieve availability and reliability approaching 100% from major turbine outage to major turbine outage. Contact us at sales@JASC-Controls.com or call 602-438-4400 for additional information.