JASC Delivers GDE-2.0 Hot Gas Valves to Pratt & Whitney

On August 22, 2003, JASC, Inc. completed performance verification testing of three five-channel hot fuel control valve arrays slated for use on the Ground Demonstration Engine V2.0 (GDE-2.0) later this year, with Pratt & Whitney taking delivery of the valves the following week. These Hot Gas Valves (HGVs) form an integral part of the scramjet engine’s fuel control system, which will be used to precisely control the flow of high-temperature, gaseous hydrocarbon fuel to various regions of the engine’s combustor.

This engine will be tested in the NASA LaRC 8-ft High Temperature Tunnel (HTT), which will provide data to further define critical engine operating parameters, fine-tune the engine’s thermal management system, and validate CFD analysis for the full-height and width, single module, flight-weight engine. This engine is the penultimate version of theone envisioned to power the X-43C Hypersonic Research Vehicle, scheduled to make its maiden flight in CY06.

Hypersonic X-43C

An artist's rendering of the air-breathing, hypersonic X-43C, part of NASA's Hyper-X series of flight demonstrators. CREDIT: Media Fusion, Inc./NASA

All valves performed flawlessly during ambient temperature testing at JASC, and exceeded all performance requirements for dynamic response, metering accuracy, repeatability, and sealing. Proof pressure testing was performed at levels simulating actual worst-case loading conditions at the design temperature & pressure. Valve testing with high-temperature fuel are scheduled for this fall, after which the valves will be installed on the engine. Engine testing in the 8’HTT is scheduled to occur during Q1-04.

The program is being funded through the Air Force’s Hydrocarbon Scramjet Engine Technology (HySET) Program, under the broader Hypersonic Technology (HyTECH)
Program. The engine will ultimately operate in the Mach 4.5-6.5 range, and has both military and commercial applications.

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