Liquid Fuel Check Valve Improved Reliability on Gas Turbine Engines

JASC liquid fuel check valves improve the reliability of your dual fuel engine during liquid-fuel starts and fuel transfers. JASC liquid fuel check valves are designed in such a way to correct issues related to poor reliability.

liquid fuel systems for GE frames

Improper liquid fuel check valve design frequently results in operators experiencing poor reliability on liquid fuel starts and fuel transfers. Two main contributors to poor dual fuel engine transfer reliability are:

  • Coking of oil in piping and valves located close to hot engine parts.
  • Check valves not properly reseating.

Other issues that contribute to poor dual fuel transfer reliability are:

  • Ineffective procedures for assuring high availability of the liquid-fuel system. Diligent maintenance and regular “exercise” of all system components are particularly important.
  • Inadequate training of O&M personnel. Liquid-fuel systems cannot be an afterthought; they command respect.
  • Off-spec fuel, either through purchase or deterioration in storage.


water cooled three way purge valve performance

To learn how to improve reliability of gas turbines on liquid fuels, please read our read the full article.

This article was originally published in Business Partners, 2nd Quarter, 2010