Water Cooled Valves for Dual Fuel Turbine Engines Improve Performance, Improve Reliability and Prevent Coking

Water Cooled Dual Fuel Turbine Engine Valves

Water Cooled Combining Valve Water cooled liquid fuel check valve Water cooled three-way purge valve

Water Cooled Combining Valve

  • Prevents coking by keeping internal valve temperatures below the 250°F coking threshold of diesel fuel while operating in ambient temperatures in excess of 500°F
  • Replaces fuel distribution valve, liquid fuel check valve and purge air check valve
  • Uses copper crush gasket, allowing the combining valve to operate with no degradation or loss of performance during years of use
  • Water Cooled Combining Valve Product Information

Water Cooled Liquid Fuel Check Valve

Water Cooled Three-Way Purge Valve

  • Water cooling prevents liquid fuel coking
  • Flows air and fuel in a single package
  • Incorporates specially developed seals that are contamination tolerant and maintain an ANSI Class 6 seal over extended periods of time
  • Water Cooled Three-Way Purge Valve