JASC’s New Heatsink Clamp Reduces Risk of Coking in Idle Liquid Fuel Lines Near Combustor Cans

The JASC Heatsink Clamp is designed to move heat away from idle liquid fuel lines by utilizing the adjacent coolant lines while the turbine is running on gaseous fuel. With liquid fuel flow checked … [Read more...]

Announcing an All-New Design for JASC’s Water-Cooled Three-Way Purge Valve

The JASC Water Cooled Three-Way Purge Valve was engineered to prevent liquid fuel coking that typically occurs when valves are exposed to heat for extended periods of time while the turbine is … [Read more...]

Improve Gas Turbine Engine Reliability with Cool Valves and Piping

June 20, 2016 - Combined Cycle Journal Presentations and discussion at meetings of the gas-turbine users groups, such as the 7F, often call into view problems owner/operators are having with the … [Read more...]