Pneumatic Control Valves and Actuators

Designed for exceptional control in extreme conditions, JASC pneumatic servo valves and pneumatic servo actuators come in many sizes and configurations. JASC pneumatic servo valves and pneumatic servo actuators have low electrical power consumption and rapid response time. Hydraulic versions available. Contact JASC today for all of your pneumatic control solutions.

FlexJet® Pneumatic Servo Actuators

FlexJet Pneumatic Servo Actuators

Utilizing a single-coil design with 0-10 VDC input, this pneumatic FlexJet® servo-actuator provides powerful position control up to 2” that is directly proportional to input voltage. An internal spring provides position feedback to the servo, resulting in exceptional control capabilities in a small package. Read More

Proportional Solenoid Valve


Proportional Solenoid Valve operates a single arm variable bridge pneumatic flapper valve that controls actuator position by balancing magnetic and feedback spring forces. Magnetic forces increase with solenoid thus creating the movement of the main actuator until the feedback spring force is equal to the solenoid magnetic force. The Proportional Solenoid assembly is fully integrated within the main actuator cavity thus enhancing the speed of response and overall stability of movement. The Proportional Solenoid valve offers low threshold and low power consumption of 1.5 watts max. Read More

FlexJet® Servo

101548 FlexJet Servo
The FlexJet® servo is based on JASC’s extensive work with servos in harsh service conditions. The FlexJet® servo features high contamination resistance and is a more robust design compared to traditional jetpipe servos. The FlexJet® eliminates the wear- and fatigue-prone elements of the jetpipe, minimizing the effects of vibration, extreme temperature and mechanical wear, leading to a longer, more trouble-free service life. Read More

Purge Air Check Valve

purge air check valve
JASC has manufactured and shipped over 12,000 Purge Air Check Valves for use on heavy-duty gas turbine engines used in power generation.

The JASC Purge Air Check Valve is designed for continuous through-air operation with air temperature in excess of 400° F and operating pressure up to 1200 PSIG. JASC’s Purge Air Check Valve is designed to operate on water, Stoddard solvent, naphtha, jet fuel, diesel fuel, synthetic oil and hydraulic oil. Read More