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Single Stage Servo FlexJet Servos Pressure Controlled Single Stage Servos

Single Stage Servos

  • JASC has shipped over 7,000 Clevis Servo Valves and they have been used on every APS-3200 APU installed on the Airbus A320 family of Aircraft.
  • Can be used to meter liquid or gas fluid or for position control and they are capable of 2-way or 3-way operation.
  • Refurbishable to original operating condition.
  • Individually tested.
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FlexJet® Servo

Pressure Controlled Servo Valves

  • Delivers a precise cylinder pressure as a function of torque motor current.
  • Can operate on turbine oil, hydraulic fluid, diesel oil, jet fuel or stoddard solvent.
  • Low hysteresis and threshold with low electrical power consumption.
  • Refurbishable
  • Individually tested
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