Modeling & Analysis

JASC can provide various modeling and simulation services for components, assemblies and systems—from simple to complex. Whether the goal is to improve an existing product or decrease the cycle time to develop a new product, JASC’s extensive analytical capabilities provide useful insight into the behavior of the part, assembly or system operating under the anticipated conditions it will experience in the end use application—prior to modifying or fabricating hardware. This approach reduces risk, cost and time to product realization.

JASC employs the following computer-based analytical tools in the design and development process:
SolidWorks 3D Solid Modeling Package
CosmosWorks FEA Structural Analysis (Linear & Non-Linear)
CosmoWorks FEA Thermal Analysis
FloWorks Full N-S CFD, Two-Phase Flow
Matlab/Simulink Dynamic Simulation
EMWorks Electromagnetics Solver Package

These tools serve to greatly reduce typical development cycle times and help optimize the design for the intended purpose.

Please contact Engineering Manager John Calleja for more details:

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