High-Temperature Positional Tee

High-Temperature positional tee for purge and liquid fuel check valves

JASC #101653-42

For JASC Purge and Liquid Fuel Check Valves

JASC’s Copper Crush gasket Positional Tee developed to provide zero leakage in a high-temperature, fuel-compatible environment between the liquid fuel and purge air check valve housings. Tested to ensure reliable operation with a bubble-tight seal which exceeds the requirements of ANSI Class VI.  Extended service capability, indefinite life expectancy and chemical resistant. This product has been developed for use on DLN fuel nozzles.

JASC positional tee with distributor

Positional tee with distributor

High temperature positional tee with liquid fuel check valve and purge air check valve attached.

Positional tee with liquid fuel check valve and purge air check valve.


Performance Requirement
Temperature Range Up to 500°F
Proof Pressure 2200 PSIG
Construction Material Stainless Steel
O-ring replacement Copper-basedcrush gasket material
Dry Weight 2.338 lbs
Positional for 360 degree range
SAE J1926 Compatible

High Temperature Postitional Tee technical drawing