JASC’s Continuous Improvement

JASC is aware that change is imminent in any industry due to the ongoing cycle of improvements to ensure we adapt to our ever-changing environment.

Continuous improvement touches every aspect of what we do, from initiating best practices within our manufacturing environment to managing the flow of data through the business,which is why we support and drive these activities with a dedicated cross-functional team.

To provide the best customer service possible, JASC closely interacts with our customers throughout all stages of a project. Personalized, prompt communication and detailed project tracking are essential to all JASC projects. Additionally, customer feedback and after-market reporting allow JASC to reflect and improve in a manner that is in tune with our customers’ priorities.

Operational Continuous Improvement

As the business grows, we see more investment in tools, skills and machinery, but these need to be carefully integrated into the business. A large part of the continuous improvement process is to ensure that we make the most of these investments.

We have implemented measures within our manufacturing environment to increase efficiency and concentrate on the value-added developments for our customers to assure satisfaction.