JASC Engineering

JASC’s Engineering Department is highly regarded for its expertise in providing timely and effective solutions to the most challenging fluid control problems. Starting with the RL-10 cryogenic rocket engine and the SR-71 J-58 turbo-jet engine development programs, military and hypersonic propulsion research, power generation, clean energy, and the latest fluid management and control devices in support of the burgeoning US commercial space market, JASC has played an important role towards ensuring the success of these critical technologies.

Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in experience that is complimented with the latest analytical tools. Design solutions are accomplished through synergistic interaction between JASC’s system solutions design team, its customers and high-value vendors. Analytical software and simulation tools are utilized early in the design process to provide an exceedingly high success rate once a new product is ready for the verification/validation test cycle.

JASC’s laboratory includes a full compliment of test apparatus providing a variety of test fluids over a broad range of pressures and flows. Environmental conditions such as temperature, vibration and shock are routinely simulated and every new product is fully tested and qualified to ensure it meets all of its intended performance requirements.