JASC’s Dual Fuel Engine Proven Products for Performance Reliability

JASC has developed a variety of products that improve dual fuel engine performance and reliability.  Learn more here about how JASC’s products fully integrate into an existing dual fuel engine system.


water-cooled three way purge valveWater Cooled Three-Way Purge Valve Features

Delivers fuel and purge air to the combustion chamber atomizers of a gas-turbine engine.

Can upgrade existing three-way purge valves to water cooling during refurbishment, which prevents solidification of diesel fuel.

Provides gas turbine owners operational capability and reliability to 95% or better.

Detailed water cooled three-way purge valve specifications can be viewed here.

water cooled liquid fuel check valveWater Cooled Liquid Fuel Check Valve Features

Incorporates active cooling of the check valves internals.

Ensures that a Class 6 seal is maintained in the check and reverse flow direction from hot gas path to hot gas path.

Maintains an internal check valve temperature below the coking threshold of diesel fuel (approx. 250 °F) while operating in an ambient environment in excess of 500 °F.

Detailed water cooled liquid fuel check valve specifications can be viewed here.

water cooled combining valveWater cooled Combining Valve Features

Replaces the Fuel Distributor Valve, the Liquid Fuel Check Valve and the Purge Air Check Valve.

Water cooled to prevent coking of spools, valve seals and the internal fuel volume.

Provides the single-point delivery/switching for both fuel and purge air distribution for up to six combustion zones.

Uses water from existing water system.

Detailed water cooled combining valve specifications can be viewed here.


smart fluid monitor with master controllerSmart Fluid Monitor Features

Capable of detecting a differential between supply and return flows for either liquid or gas media.

Detects leaks of up to 1 gpm, in .1 gpm increments.

Remotely monitor and protect cooling water circuits with minimal installation cost.

Detailed Smart Fluid Monitor specifications can be viewed here.