Liquid Fuel Check Valve

liquid fuel check valve

The JASC Liquid Fuel Check Valve improves fuel system reliability on dual fuel turbine engines. JASC’s high-flow, zero-leak Liquid Fuel Check Valve is designed to operate with fluids including Stoddard solvent, jet fuels, hydraulic oil, synthetic oil and air.

JASC’s Liquid Fuel Check Valve utilizes fluid dampening to provide stable valve operation from crack to full flow operation. The inverted spool within the JASC Liquid Fuel Check valve makes use of a Helmholtz Resonator, which dampens the effect of fuel pressure imbalances, providing greater operation stability than a traditional ball and spring liquid fuel check valve. The inverted spool meters fuel and holds a specific delta pressure across the valve, allowing the valves to open uniformly and simultaneously.

To ensure the Liquid Fuel Check Valves meet the customer’s unique performance specifications, JASC rigorously tests each valve. The check valves are contamination tolerant, chatter resistant, and have a ANSI Class 6 zero-leak seal in the check direction.

JASC Liquid Fuel Check Valves can be refurbished indefinitely, returning the valve to its original operating condition. This lowers total cost of ownership significantly over liquid fuel check valves that can’t be refurbished.

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Leak in Flow/Check Direction ANSI Class 6 Seal
Flow Various available
Operating Temperature 600 °F
Stable Operation Helmholtz Resonator
Inlet Temperature 60 °F to 250 °F
Inlet Pressure 0-1225 PSIG
Crack Pressure Various available
Soakback Temperature 700 °F
Maximum Ambient Temperatures 400 °F
Check Pressure Up to 300 PSIG
Maximum Pressure Drop Various available
Construction Materials .Stainless Steel
Weight 1 lb
Part # Flow Crack Pressure Frame
101161 15GPM 120 PSID 9EA/7EA
101171 7GPM 100 PSID 6B
101172 20GPM 45 PSID 6FA/7FA/9FA
101196 20GPM 100 PSID 6FA/7FA/9FA
101198 4.5GPM 100 PSID 5
101295 15GPM 120 PSID Crude/Heavy Fuel
101330 15GPM 45 PSID Crude/Heavy Fuel

liquid fuel check valve cutaway

liquid fuel check valve drawing