Blue – The Color of Liquid Fuel System Check Valve Reliability

JASC’s Actively Cooled Control Valves continue to exhibit stable operation during a successful 7FA installation at a gas turbine site on a Frame 7 engine.

JASC Actively Cooled Control Valves
JASC Actively Cooled Control Valves

The blue color in the thermal images represents a 122.9 °F cooled valve. All transfers from gas to liquid fuel have been successful, 100% of the starts on liquid fuel have succeeded, and an excess of 30,000 hours of check valve operation have been logged without failure.

Performance data will be available at the end of summer 2006.

Features of the valves include:

• Simple installation, Tap into existing water system
• Operational on 6B, 6FA, 7FA, and 7EA engines
• Maintenance only required during Combustion Inspections
• Transfer reliability
• Elimination of coke related check valve failures
• Enhanced start capability on liquid fuel
• Elimination of trips associated with high exhaust temperature spreads
• 130,000 hours of operation without a failure

More information on JASC Water Cooling Technology available here.

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