JASC Reaches 40,000 Unit Milestone on Industrial Valves

JASC is pleased to announce a shipping milestone for industrial power generation products! Over the past five (5) years, JASC has manufactured and shipped liquid fuel check valves, purge air check valves and three-way purge valves for use on heavy duty gas turbine engines used in power generation.

Breakdown of these industrial products:
Liquid Fuel Check Valves = 25,000
Purge Air Check Valves = 12,000
Three-Way Purge Valves = 3,000
40,000 units

Liquid Fuel Check ValvesJASC’s High-Flow, Zero-Leak Liquid Fuel Check Valves are designed to operate with fluids including stoddard solvent, jet fuels, hydraulic oil and synthetic oil. Fluid damping is used to provide stable operation from crack to full flow operation.



Purge Air Check ValveJASC’s Purge Air Check Valve units are designed to operate continuously on a gas turbine engine with air temperature in excess of 400° F in the free flow direction and with liquid fuel, up to 1200 PSID and 250° F in the checked direction. These units will also operate on water, stoddard solvent, jet fuel, diesel fuel, hydraulic oil, and synthetic oil.


Three-Way Purge ValveJASC’s Three-Way Purge Valve offers a means to deliver fuel or purge air to the combustion chamber atomizers of a gas turbine engine. The valve operates at high pressure and temperature while maintaining zero leakage between individual air and fuel sources.


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