Why JASC? Quality – Reliability – Refurbishment

JASC’s high rate of success in developing reliable hardware with cutting-edge technology results in improved operational capability and performance in your gas turbine engines.

Innovative Solutions

JASC solutions resolve issues such as coking, leaking and temperature spreads, allowing for longer life cycles.  Some of these solutions include:

JASC’s Liquid Fuel Check Valve

JASC’s Three-Way Purge Valve

Individualized Testing

JASC tests each piece of hardware individually to ensure each one performs to the specification defined by the customer.


JASC provides refurbishing and reconditioning to like-new condition for many of its power generation products with an added one-year warranty at a fraction of the cost of a new piece of hardware. All refurbished hardware comes with 100% new seals and undergoes leakage tests to ensure performance in accordance with the customer’s specifications, just like all brand new JASC valves.

JASC Refurbishment

Contact JASC today to have your gas turbine engines running more reliably tomorrow.