Why JASC? Leading Technology in Industrial and Aerospace Applications

JASC is a leader in industry-first technologies throughout the aerospace, aircraft, and industrial marketplaces. We have made great strides towards increased reliability and stability with technology such as our Copper Crush Gaskets, Liquid Fuel Check Valve, and Three-Way Purge Valve.

Copper Crush Gasket

copper crush gasket on positional teePatented designs have kept JASC as the industry first in leadership technology.   Recent designs in copper crush gasket technology have been integrated into our legacy check valve products and are providing the industry with bubble-tight seals and superior reliability.

Stable Valve Operation

JASC was the first in its industry to introduce a Helmholtz Resonator and inverted spool in its liquid fuel check valve. The use of a unique attenuation feature in JASC’s design provides fluid damping. This feature results in stable valve operation from crack to full flow.  The resonator dampens the effect of fuel pressure imbalances so when the valve cracks open it stays open, because it is able to modulate the pressure imbalances.

Flow Air and Fuel in a Single Application

JASC’s Three-Way Purge Valve is a spool valve. While spool valves have been used in other applications, JASC innovated a solution that utilizes the spool configuration to flow air and fuel in a single package, an industry first.JASC designed seals specifically for this application—one in which the valve may have to sit dormant for up to a year without leakage and then switch immediately to flow liquid fuel. A special polymer was developed that would be contamination tolerant and maintain its sealing capability. The seal is completely disengaged as the spool moves away from the seal and is protected from the flow path, whether the valve is flowing air or fuel.

JASC’s approach to solving issues is innovative, custom, and backed by rigorous testing and a solid performance history.
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