Three-Way Purge Valve: Industry-leading Design, Refurbishable Valve

As an original equipment manufacturer, JASC has built and shipped over 4,000 Three-Way Purge Valves.

The JASC Three-Way Purge Valve is contamination tolerant, vibration resistant, and provides ANSI Class 6 zero-leak seals.

JASC’s Three-Way Purge Valve is a spool valve. While spool valves have been used in other applications, JASC innovated a solution that utilizes the spool configuration to flow air and fuel in a single package, an industry first.

JASC designed seals specifically for this application—one in which the valve may have to sit dormant for up to a year without leakage and then switch immediately to flow liquid fuel. A special polymer was developed that would be contamination tolerant and maintain its sealing capability. The seal is completely disengaged as the spool moves away from the seal and is protected from the flow path, whether the valve is flowing air or fuel.

JASC’s Three-Way Purge Valves are designed to have a long operating life and can be refurbished, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

For more than two decades, the JASC family of industrial valves has continued to provide affordable, dependable and innovative solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications. JASC’s mission is to become the preeminent supplier of valves and controls worldwide.

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3WPV Infographic