Real-world Test Validates Concept

JASC liquid fuel check valve passes test installation on dual-fuel GT installation.

With the availability of reliable, quality, electric power using gaseous or liquid fuel paramount, a Valero petrochemical facility in Delaware City, Delaware, U.S.A., recently worked with Jansen’s Aircraft Systems Controls Inc. to upgrade two of its dual-fuel, gas turbines in an electric power generation application to improve equipment reliability during fuel changeover.

At the facility, Valero was experiencing trips that ultimately led to turbine shutdown episodes during operator attempts to switch from gaseous to liquid fuel or liquid to gaseous fuel during turbine operation. Not only did these unplanned shutdowns cost money, this situation can also be damaging to the equipment.

“The start/stop cycle thermal transition is hard on a turbine, and the severity of this cycle is usually intensified because the unplanned trip happens under full power — making it exceptionally hard on the turbine components,” said Schuyler V. McElrath, a spokesman for JASC. “A trip under load is almost always worse than that of a trip under a start-up, or just stopping and starting a turbine under normal conditions.”

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