Keeping Liquid-Fuel System Components Cool Improves Reliability of Transfers from Gas to Oil

The auxiliaries session of the May meeting included open discussion of experience with liquid-fuel systems for dual-fuel engines. Only a couple of years ago, some owner/operators were disabling or removing their liquid-fuel systems both because they weren’t being used and they added to the complexity and cost of annual inspections.

Recently, a few gas-only engines have been or are being converted to dual fuel because of grid-reliability concerns (example at, click 2Q/2009, click “Termocandelaria” on the issue cover).

Municipals and cooperatives, in particular, are specifying dual fuel for new units and improving the functionality of liquid fuel systems on existing gas turbines (GTs)—this to assure native load doesn’t go dark in the unlikely event gas supply is interrupted. Recall that public power companies are owned by their customers, most of whom are voters.

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