JASC Ships First Two Inlet Guide Vane Actuators (IGVA) for the Airbus A-380 APU, PWC-980A

JASC has shipped the first two Inlet Guide Vane Actuators for the Airbus A-380 APU, the PWC-980A. The PWC-980A will be the largest commercial APU when it enters service in 2006, and JASC’s Inlet Guide Vane Actuator (IGVA) will be used for controlling the Inlet Guide Vanes (Please see archived article A380 Contract for additional details).

This actuator is a scaled up version of another JASC designed Inlet Guide Vane Actuator that is currently used on the Hamilton-Sundstrand APS-3200 APU, which provides auxiliary power on the Airbus A-320 family of aircraft.

Inlet Guide Vane Actuator, IGVA by JASC

Inlet Guide Vane Actuator

This actuator incorporates JASC’s innovative direct acting, clevis type servo to drive the piston that is used to control the angle of the engine’s inlet guide vanes. The clevis type servo has a number of operating characteristics that make it ideal for this type of application:
• Low cost
• High-pressure gains
• Operation that is unaffected by changes in supply pressure
• Low null leakage rates
• Dry coil
These, and other features, are what help to make JASC’s IGVA for the A-380 APU an excellent choice for a demanding job.

For additional information on the clevis type servo, and JASC’s other innovative products, please click see our Products.

Some of the key features of the IGVA are listed below:
• Full stroke slew rate of 0.200 seconds
• 350 ± 25 psid operating pressure
• Filtered inlet and return ports (10 µ in. nominal, 25 µ in. absolute)

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