JASC Receives Order for its Active Combustion Control Valve

In January 2004, JASC was awarded an order to supply General Electric Aircraft Engines with a version of their high-speed servo valve (HSSV). This valve is an application used to control combustion instability in one of GEAE’s experimental lean-burn gas combustors. Several of these HSSV’s will be used to comprise the JASC Active Combustion Control Valve (ACCV) that will ultimately be integrated into the GEAE test engine’s fuel control system. Testing of the ACCV system is scheduled to begin 1Q04.

JASC Active Combustion Control Valve

JASC HSSV for the Active Combustion Control Valve

A similar Active Combustion Control Valve has been developed by JASC to attenuate undesirable pressure pulses within the combustion chamber of a turbine engine. This unit has successfully operated at 400 HZ in a gas turbine combustion chamber test rig.

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