JASC Participates At 3rd NASA GRC Propulsion Control And Diagnostics Workshop

Matt Caspermeyer of JASC and Bill Heatley of O’Miller Associates attended the 3rd NASA GRC PCD Workshop held February 28-March 1, 2012 at the Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland, OH. The workshop covered various aspects of propulsion controls including Enhanced Engine Control, Model-Based Control and Diagnostics, Distributed Engine Control, Industry Perspectives on Propulsion Control Diagnostic Research, Active Combustion Control, and High Speed Propulsion Modeling and Control.

Matt (on left) and Bill also participated in a poster presentation describing the JASC Active Combustion Control Valve concept that is currently in a Phase II SBIR. The High-Frequency Proportional Rotary Fuel Valve is designed to mitigate combustion instabilities at higher frequencies than have been previously achieved (~1000Hz) allowing gas turbines to run at operating points that produce lower emissions and higher performance.