Pintle Metering Valve

pintle metering valve, part 101299-11

Using technology developed for use on NASA’s successful X-43A Hypersonic Research Vehicle (Hyper-X), was adapted and commercialized through this technology into a high-precision metering valve for industrial fuel control applications. Pintle Metering Valves and electronic controller offers a solution to a wide variety of hazardous and corrosive fluid control applications.

NACE compatible
Configurable Area-Stroke Characteristic
Electromechanical, Direct-Drive Actuation
Controller/Driver w/ Position Reporting
High Pressure Recovery Metering Elements
Tight Shut–Off Feature
Anti-Jamming Feature
Accepts Inert Gas Purge for Hazardous Locations
Alternate Actuation Schemes: Electro hydraulic; Pneumatic
Liquid, Gaseous, or Cavitating Flow Control
Working Pressures 1500 PSIA
Fluid Temperatures -65°F TO +250°F (uncooled)
Loaded Full-Scale Step Response <200 msec
Frequency Response 6 HZ @ -32°
Ambient Temperature -20°F TO +160°F
Fuel Hydrogen, Silane, Ethylene
Weight 7.7 lbs
Pintle Metering Valve Part Number 101299