Cavitating Pintle Valve

101168 Cavitating Pintle Valve

Cavitating Pintle Valve is a high-speed motor driven pintle valve with electronic control for metering of high-pressure gaseous hydrogen or silane. These valves form the heart of NASA’s Hyper-X Hypersonic Experimental Research Vehicle Fuel System. The Pintle valves designed to accurately meter gaseous hydrogen (fuel) and a mixture of gaseous hydrogen and silane (a pyrophoric igniter) to the engine’s combustor for the duration of the flight, and are considered the key elements of the vehicle’s propulsion system. Pintle Valves have accurate fuel metering, excellent pressure recovery throughout operating range and meets or exceeds environmental requirement of HX-279 for shock, vibration and acceleration.

Fluid Gaseous Hydrogen
Pressure 3000 PSIA
Operating Temperature 0 °F to +160 °F
Flow Rates 0-.35 pps (H2), 0-.18 pps (H2/SiH4)
Full-Scale Response 120 msec
Frequency Response 10 Hz @ -45°
Hysteresis <2.0% of FS
Threshold <0.5% of Pt.
Accuracy ±0.75% of Pt.
Weight 4.8 lbs
Construction Materials 7075-T73 Aluminum Alloy, A286 Stainless Steel Be-Copper
Part Number 101168