Hydraulic Linear Actuator

Actuator Control AmplifierThis compact actuator uses JASC’s patented FlexJet® Servovalve technology.  The FlexJet® Servo provides excellent response and contamination tolerance in a small package, resulting in a compact, high-performing linear actuator.  It was originally designed to position a pintle in throttable rocket engine, and comes with a flight-grade electronic control unit.

A high-accuracy linear potentiometer provides position feedback to the external controller.  A single D38999 electrical connector communicates all signals to and from the controller.

Power 28 VDC per MIL-STD-704
Command Signal 4 to 20 mA, proportional to position
Media Hydraulic Oil per MIL-H-5606/23282
Supply Pressure 2000 psi Max
Temperature Range -40°F to +250°F
Static Force 700/600 lb Extension/Retraction, 1500 psi Supply
Stroke ±0.85 inches
Step Response 1.2/1.4 sec Extension/Retraction, Full Scale, 1500 psi Supply
Frequency Response 5.6 Hz @ -3dB, 1500 psi Supply , Unloaded
ServoValve JASC FlexJet®
Position Feedback Single-Channel Potentiometer, 4-20 mA Report
Materials of Construction 6061-T6 Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Dimensions 10.00 L x 2.13 Dia. x 3.23 H (overall)
Weight 1.92 lb (actuator, dry); 0.44 lb (ECU)
Part Number 101552-1