Active Combustion Control Valves

Active Combustion Controls Triple Valve


The Active Combustion Control Valve developed to attenuate undesirable pressure pulses within the combustion chamber of a turbine engine. Active Combustion Controls Valves are derived from patented JASC Servo Valve Technology that employ a robust and extremely reliable means for metering and modulating fuel flow over a broad range of conditions – all in a relatively compact and light-weight package. Active Combustion Control Valve System high-speed servo valves mounted on a manifold together with amplifier-drivers yields a system which is capable of controlling high-frequency pressure oscillations associated with combustion instabilities in lean-burn combustors and afterburners. Active Combustion Control Valve (ACCV) uses patented JASC clevis-valve technology to achieve a High-Speed Servo-Valve (HSSV) enabling single-port and multi-port (synchronous) flow-based frequency response up to 600 Hz @ <-10 dB.

*Variant of JASC’s 3-Way EHSV to Achieve High-Speed Servo Valve (HSSV)
*Operates on the Principle of Modulating Fuel Pressure Pulses Out of Phase with Combustion Pressure Pulses
*Have Design Leading to 800 Hz and Higher Versions
*Applications Include Both Industrial and Aircraft Turbine Engine
Active Combustion Control Valve System Active Combustion Control Valve System

Fuel Media Most jet-type liquid hydrocarbon fuels found in commercial airline and US military service
Demonstrated Response w/in 5 dB to 550 Hz and w/in 10 Db to 600 Hz using Liquid Fuel in the Lab (Modulation Strength of +/- 20% @ 300 pph)
Flow Rate[1] 20 to 300 pph (TDR=15) @ 100 ±10 PSID
Typical Modulation +/- 50% @ 50 pph; +/- 20% @ 200 pph
Frequency Response 1 dB @ 400 Hz, 0 dB @ 500 Hz
Maximum Inlet Pressure[2] 800 PSIG
Fuel Temperature -65° to +250 °F
Filtration 10 µm nominal, 25 µm absolute (integral to inlet fitting, supplied)
Dimensions 7.5” x 4.5” x 2.5”
Product Specifications (High Speed Servo Valve)
Natural Frequency[3] 400 Hz
Coil Excitation 0 to 600 mA
Command Input 0 to +10 Vdc
Power 30 to +30 Vdc, 1.0 A Max
Steady State Flow Linear with command
Weight approx. 4.5 lb
Part Number 101242