Water Injection Check Valve

water injection check valve by JASC

This Water Injection Check Valve provides stable operation and can be operated continuously. It has high-temperature seals (Class 6 seal) that provide long-life sealing capability when the valve is not flowing water. Maintaining the Class 6 seal in this Water Injection Check Valve prevents the water system from evacuating during periods of inactivity. When the water injection system is activated, all of the water lines will be full; this, in turn, will prevent exhaust temperature spreads that tend to trip the turbine.

Check Pressure 300 PSIG
Maximum Pressure Drop 12 GPM – 22.5 PSID
Check Pressure 0-1225 PSID
Crack Pressure 10+/- 1 PSID
Soak Back Temperature 700 °F
Maximum Ambient Temperature 400 °F
Flow Rate 0.5 – 12.0 GPM – Water
Inlet Temperature 35 °F to 110 °F
Inlet Pressure 0 – 1000 PSIG
Construction Materials Stainless Steel, Vespel
Weight 101270-2 1.2 lbs
101598-1 .586 lbs
Part # Flow (lbs/sec) Crack Pressure (psid) Frame
101270-2 12GPM 10 PSID 7EA, 9EA, 7FA, 9FA


water injection check valve