Smart Fluid Monitor

gas turbine system smart fluid monitor with master controller

Remotely Monitors And Reports Coolant Flow And Temperatures As Well As Piping System Integrity

A key component of JASC’s back-up liquid fuel system reliability design is the Smart Fluid Monitor.

With cooling water piping infrastructure having a life expectancy of decades and turbine major maintenance intervals of every 4 to 5 years, the ability to remotely monitor the performance and integrity of the cooling system has  become an important part of achieving improved liquid fuel system reliability.

JASC’s Smart Fluid Monitor remotely monitors and reports coolant flow and temperatures as well as piping system integrity. This provides peace of mind that adequate coolant flow is available to critical system components such as JASC’s superior actively cooled valve designs allowing for extended operational intervals.

The Smart Fluid Monitor is sensitive enough to detect small flow discrepancy between the cooling water supply and return lines. The Smart Fluid Monitor is utilized for either basic water cooled check valve systems or can be used on more advanced future liquid fuel reliability systems such as water cooled 3-way purge valves and ZEE (Zero Emissions Equipment).

Best of all it is a simple retrofit for adding Monitoring, Protection and Notification on any previously installed water cooled valve piping infrastructure.

Specifications – Monitor
Fault Trip Point Adjustable thru Master Controller@ 0.1 to 1.0 GPM
Strainers 0.010 Nominal Particle Filtration
Rated Water Flow 0.2–18.0 GPM
Nominal 0–100 PSIG
Surge 175 PSIG
DC 125 to 250
AC 95 to 275, 50 or 60 HZ
Material Construction Explosion-proof materials
Weight Approx 194 lbs with controller box
Specifications – Controller
Power Input 100 to 240 VAC
Not explosive proof components