Thermal Relief Valve

thermal relief valve

Thermal Relief Valve is a passive valve designed to relieve fuel pressure build-up due to fuel heating. (Thermal expansion yet the Thermal Relief Valve remains closed during normal liquid fuel system operation).

Filtration 200 Micron Nominal 300
Micron absolute in both directions
Flow During Actuation 1.0 Gallons
Flow Rate Maximum .25 GPM @ 150 PSID during thermal relief mode
Relieving Pressure 150 +/-10 PSIG
Max Ambient Temperature 170 °F
Inlet Pressure 0-1200 PSIG
Construction Materials Stainless Steel
Weight 2.2 lbs
Part # Flow Crack Pressure Frame
101342-1 .1GPM 150 PSID All

thermal relief valve outline, part 101342