Water Cooled Combining Valve

water-cooled combining valve for dual fuel gas turbine engines

JASC’s Water Cooled Combining Valve improves dual fuel turbine engine performance and reliability. This valve design is uniquely suited for use on base loaded turbines or turbines which have long operational cycles. With recommended maintenance intervals that are a minimum 24,000 hours, the combining valve is the ideal complement for turbines equipped with equally long service combustion hardware. This valve is water cooled to prevent coking of spools, valve seals, the internal fuel volume and the fuel distributor section. The Combining Valve provides single-point delivery and switching for both liquid fuel and purge air. For improved starts, the Water-Cooled Combining Valve can deliver staged light-off flow to any combination of the six fuel ports. The use of JASC’s unique copper crush gasket design between the valve body sections and elimination of elastomeric seals in the distributor section of the valve allow it to operate with no degradation or loss of performance during years of use.

JASC’s Water Cooled Liquid Fuel Check Valve and Three-Way Purge Valve formed the foundation for the Water Cooled Combining Valve. The water cooling concept, which was adopted from JASC’s Water Cooled Liquid Fuel Check Valve design, keeps internal valve temperatures below the 250°F coking threshold of diesel fuel while operating in ambient temperatures in excess of 500°F. The valve spool technology from JASC’s Three-Way Purge Valve was incorporated into the Combining Valve to allow for the flow of purge air and fuel in a single package.

JASC’s Water Cooled Combining Valve cradle can be easily configured to fit a wide variety of combustion covers. In many cases, the bolt-in design allows it to be used with minor or no modification to the existing fuel piping. The Water Cooled Combining Valve uses water from the existing turbine cooling water system, eliminating the need for an additional water source.

JASC’s Water Cooled Combining Valve directly replaces the Fuel Distribution Valve, the Liquid Fuel Check Valve and the Purge Air Check Valve. The Combining Valve can also replace the Three-Way Purge Valve system.

Flow Rates
Liquid Fuel 0-10 GPM @ TBD PSID Max
Purge Air 0 to 180 PPH @ TBD PSID Max
Cooling Water 1.5 to 3.0 GPM
Pressures Liquid Fuel Purge Air
Operating 0-1200 PSIG 0-300 PSIG
Crack 120+/-6 PSIG
Proof 2400 PSIG 600 PSIG
Burst 4800 PSIG 1200 PSIG
Operating Temperatures
Ambient Air
Design Temperature -20 °F to +300 °F
Max Temperature 400 °F
Purge Air
Design Temperature 230 °F
Max Temperature 300 °F
Liquid Fuel
Design Temperature 0 °F to 150 °F
Max Temperature 230 °F
Cooling Water
Design Temperature 120 °F
Max Temperature 150 °F
Construction Materials Stainless Steel, Vespel
Weight 27.5 lbs.