3-Way Pressure Controlled Servo Valve

three-way pressure-controlled servo valve, part 101125

The Three-Way High Flow single stage pressure compensated servo valve delivers a precise cylinder pressure as a function of torque motor current. The Three-way Pressure Controlled Servo Valve is designed to operate on turbine oil, hydraulic fluid, diesel oil, jet fuel or stoddard solvent. The Three-Way Servo Valve operation offers pressure feedback from cylinder port and permanent magnet and dry coil motor torque. The Three Way Servo has low hysteresis and threshold with low electrical power consumption.

Fluid Medium(s) Turbine Oil, Jet Fuel, Diesel, Red Oil
Supply Pressure
Operating 250 PSIG Normal, 600 PSIG cold day transient
Proof 900 PSIG
Burst 1500 PSIG
Return Pressure
Operating 10 PSIG Max
Proof 900 PSIG
Burst 1500 PSIG
Electrical Rated Current @ 0 to 125mA
Min. Flow 1.25 GPM @ control port with P-125 PSIG; R=0 PSIG using60CS fluid
Pressure Gain 2.0±0.2 PSID/mA with P=250 PSIG; R=0 PSIG &
Control Port Blocked
Null Leakage 0.35 GPM max.
Hysteresis 5% max of rated output pressure
Temperature Range –65 °F to +300 °F to be sensed by an RTD with a Temperature coefficient of .00385 O/O/°C
Hz Input signal & 1000 C.S. fluid with blocked control pressure port
Weight 1 lb
Construction Materials High Nickel-Iron, Aluminum Alloy Housing
Part Number: 101125