FlexJet® Servo

101548 FlexJet Servo

The FlexJet® servo is based on JASC’s extensive work with servos in harsh service conditions. The FlexJet® servo features high contamination resistance and is a more robust design compared to traditional jetpipe servos. The FlexJet® eliminates the wear- and fatigue-prone elements of the jetpipe, minimizing the effects of vibration, extreme temperature and mechanical wear, leading to a longer, more trouble-free service life.

The ease of manufacturing and assembly of FlexJet® servos have significantly reduced the cost of this technology compared to the traditional jetpipe.

Single stage FlexJet® servo-operated actuators are available in pneumatic and hydraulic versions providing high performance position control for a wide range of applications from robotics to rocket engines.

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Performance Characteristics
Media Clean, Dry air
Operating Pressure 40 to 160 psig
System Filtration 25 Micron
Temperature Range 40° to 160° F
Rated Current 0 to 40 mA (0 to 10 V)
– Full Extension = 10V
– Full Retraction = 0 V