Proportional Solenoid Valve

proportional solenoid valve for aerospace applications

JASC’s Proportional Solenoid Valve operates a single arm variable bridge pneumatic flapper valve that controls the actuator position by balancing magnetic and feedback spring forces. Magnetic forces increase with solenoid thus creating movement of the main actuator until the feedback spring force is equal to the solenoid magnetic force. The Proportional Solenoid assembly is fullly integrated within the main actuator cavity thus enhancing the speed of response and overall stability of movement. The Proportional Solenoid valve offers low threshold and low power consumption of 1.5 watts max.

Resistance 100+/- 10 Ohms room temp.
Lead Wires 24 AWG 12″ length
Dielectric Strength 1062 VRMS at 60 HZ for 1 minute
Operating 26 – 28 PSIG
Proof 188 PSIG
Burst 375 PSIG
Ambient -65 °F to +250 °F+392 °F for 10 min periods during engine soak back
Rated Current 0 – 100 mA
Force Output 4 lbs Min @ 100 mA
Fluid Air
Construction Materials Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy
Weight 2.2 lbs max
Part Number 101160