Pressure Regulators

aircraft pressure regulator, part 101155

Pressure Regulators produce multi-function fluid pressure regulators are modularized and are qualified for aircraft applications. The modular configuration is used to improve system maintainability. Pressure Regulator has a signal pressure sensing to initiate regulation as well a shut-off prior to regulation. The Pressure Regulators is designed with an in-line operation, low droop and no chatter or instability.

Supply Pressure
Fluid Medium Jet Fuel, stoddard solvent Hydraulic oil or lube oil
Operating Pressure 350 to 700 PSIG
Proof Pressure 1200 PSIG
Burst Pressure 2400 PSIG
Regulated Pressure 325 +/- 25 PSID @Q=1.00 +/- 25GPM w/Pi= 500 PSIG and Pb-100 PSIG)
Signal Piston Unseat Pressure 40 +/- 10 PSID (pb-Po)
Leakage 10 PPH Max @350 PSID
Piston Reseat Pressure 150 PSID Max
Regulated Flow 0.2 to 2.5 GPM
Construction Materials 440C Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy
Weight 1 lb
Part Number 101115