Fuel Metering Valve (FMVA)

FMVA, fuel metering valve, part 101326

Fuel Metering Valve Assembly (FMVA) incorporates an electro-hydraulic, 4-way fuel-metering servo, a pressure compensating by-pass valve, pilot operated solenoid and shut-off valve into a single integrated package. The FMVA uses a first-stage, electro-hydraulic servo. This servo is based on the 3-way, clevis-type fuel metering servo that is currently used in a variety of applications such as direct metered flow and pressure compensated flow control for turbine engine fuel systems and actuator position control.

Response: Transient 100% stroke in 0.4 seconds
Emergency Shutdown 75% Reduction in flow in 75 ms
Hysteresis Input <4.0 mA Output <4.0% of nominal rated flow
Threshold 0.5 mA Max
Metered Flow 0-1650 PPH @ steady state(0 – 100 mA Input signal)1750 +/- 25PPH Max Transient
Regulated By-Pass Flow
Servo Rated Current 0 to 100 mA
Coil Resistance >70 +.- 5 Ohms at 70° F
Piloted Operated Servo
Pull in Voltage 14VDC Max (w/coil at room temp)
Drop-out Voltage 0.5 – 2.0 VDC
Max Current 1.0 Amp Max
Resistance 5 +/- 1.5 ohm at 70° F
Environment Conditions per ESR 1298
Shut off Valve Port 1 Drop in 1 Min Max
External None
Return Pressure 5 – 40 PSIG
Supply Pressure
Normal Operating 1300 PSIG
Max Abnormal Operating 1500 PSIG
Proof 1500 PSIG
Burst 2250 PSIG
Ambient 67 °F to +325 °F
Transients Up to 392 ‘F for 5 mins
 Fuel  67 °F to +250 °F
Media MIL-PRF-7024 Stoddard
Weight 5.4 lb max dry weight
Part Number 101326