Flow Divider

Aerospace Flow Dividers

Flow Dividers spring loaded, direct acting line of flow divider valves are the “inverted-spool” design pioneered by JASC for the Aircraft Industry in 1990’s. These Flow Dividers exhibit low internal leakage while combining stable operation with low hysteresis and accurate flow metering and can be made very lightweight. A special ‘swing-open’ design qualified for use on several commercial aerospace systems to help maintain a high crack pressure for consistent light-off while preventing contamination of sensitive combustion devices.

Design Features and Benefits
Fluid Per MIL-T-5624, MIL-T-83133, ASTM D1655, MIL-C-7024
Temperature Range -65 °F to +300 °F
Operating Pressure Various Available.(120 PSI to 600 PSI)
Crack Pressure Various Available
Reseat Pressure Up to 100 PSID min.
Proof Pressure 900 to 1200 PSIG
Burst Pressure 1200 to 1800 PSIG
Rated Flow 100 to 500 pph, typ.
Leakage Less than 5cc/min. @90 and 150 PSID w/increased pressure
Construction Materials Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Weight Up to 5 ozs
Flow Divider Part numbers 101203-1, 101218-1, 101244-1, 101186-1, 101539, 101238, 101362-3