Inlet Guide Vane Actuator (IGVA)

Inlet Guide Vane Acuator

The Inlet Guide Vane Actuator (IGVA) has a direct acting, 3-way clevis-type, servo valve used for actuation with an LVDT to provide position feedback. The servo valve fueldraulically drives the actuator rod. The Inlet Guide Vane Actuator is mounted on an aircraft Auxillary Power Unit (APU) and used to control the position of a load compressor’s inlet guide vanes. The IGVA has a low hysteresis and threshold with low electrical power consumption.


Electrical Characteristics
Input Current 0-100 mA
Input Voltage 0-15 VDC
Resistance 75 +/- 15 OHMS at 70°F
Threshold 0.2 mA
Voltage 3.535 VRMS +/- 5%
Frequency 3000 +/- 20 HZ
Wave Form Sine
Apparent Power .027 VA max
Input Impedance 500 OHMS Min.
Output Impedance 150 OHMS Max.
Dielectric 1060 +/- 10 FRMS at 60 HZ
Insulation Resistance 40 MEG Ohms min @500 +-10 VDC
Fuel -67°F to 250°F
Ambient -67°F to 392°F
Supply Pressure
Operating 350-375 PSID across supply and return
Supply Max 1500 PSIG
Proof 2250 PSIG
Burst 2250 PSIG
Rod Force/No Load Slew Max Flow 150 lbs 5 in/sec
2.5 GPM
External None
Internal 0.3 gpm max @ 175 PSID from P to C and from C to R ports
Media MIL-PRF-7024
Integral Filtration 10 Micron nominal, 25 micron absolute at -06 supply return ports
Construction Materials High Nickel-Iron, Aluminum alloy, chrome
Weight 4 lbs
Part Number 101379-4