High-Temperature EM Rotary Actuator

Electric Rotary Actuator 101347-1

This actuator was designed to replace pneumatic actuators found on gas turbine auxiliary power units (APUs) to operate load and surge valves handling air at temperatures in excess of 600˚F. It is designed for robust, reliable, long-life service under severe operating conditions (temperature, vibration), and is available with an optional electronic control unit (ECU).

Power 28 VDC per MIL-STD-704
4.5A max rated current
16A peak for 50 msec
Temperature Range -65˚F to +392˚F
Output Torque 8.8 ft-lb max continuous
Stroke 0 to 90°
Step Response <0.5 sec full scale
Motor 3-Phase BLDC
Gearhead Harmonic Drive, 100:1
Commutation Resolver
Position Feedback Resolver
Materials of Construction Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper
Design Life 5000 hours
Dimensions 3.375 diameter x 5.20 length
Weight 3.53 lb