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 Water Cooled Three Way Purge Valve Installed

A new era in customer service for reliability upgrades

JASC Installations, LLC, is a company that specializes in the installation of gas turbine control hardware. JASC Installations provides turnkey fuel system upgrades, project management and technical support for customer liquid fuel system projects of any size or scope.

After having spent many years evaluating both system and component deficiencies which can make system maintenance programs expensive and ineffective, JASC patented a wide range of products specifically for use in liquid fuel, purge air, water injection and flame detector systems. JASC’s hardware has a proven record of significantly enhancing both start-up/transfer reliability and operational availability. This considerable expertise, which was applied to component design, is now utilized to troubleshoot and resolve system-related issues as well.

In this day and time, it is rare that the most effective solution to a problem is also the least expensive. Relative to fuel systems, JASC has accomplished this feat for installation of back-up liquid fuel system upgrades, operational reliability and total cost of ownership. Using JASC Installation’s services, transfer success can be improved from the industry norm of 30% to rates approaching 100%. With savings ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000 per turbine on installation costs alone, you have an option which warrants consideration in any fuel system upgrade discussion.

Installation services for our patented design improve the operation capability of the most problematic liquid fuel system. However, a variety of conditions can be present at any given turbine site. Consequently, installation of our products is not a guarantee that the desired level of operational capability will be achieved unless all underlying issues are also addressed as part of the process. JASC Installations has the expertise and ability to diagnose and correct the root cause(s) of issues which negatively impact system performance after fuel system components upgrades have been completed. Our customer base is operating with virtually 100% transfer success.

JASC Installations’ reliability upgrades for back-up liquid fuel systems, like their products, set a new standard for the industry.

JASC is ISO 9001/2008 and AS9100 Certified.

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