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Jansen’s Aircraft Systems Controls Inc. (JASC) engineers and manufactures actuators and fluid control components for power generation, aerospace, space, defense and research applications.

Our products are suitable for use in aviation, space, chemical, food and beverage, marine, petroleum production and refining, water, oil and gas, mining and gas turbine industries. Providing solutions for a wide range of valve and control applications for its customers, JASC has experience with hydrocarbon liquid and gaseous fuels, sour gas, synthetic and hydraulic oils, pneumatics, gaseous hydrogen and silane, nitrous oxide, ethylene, cryogenic fluids and water.

Whether you need a complete system design or replacement of an integral component within your current system, JASC can design and manufacture it as well as improve the operational capability and performance. Our extensive analytical capabilities will benefit any project by adding useful insight into the behavior of the part, assembly or system operating under the anticipated conditions it will experience in the end-use application prior to fabricating hardware. This approach reduces risk, cost and time to product realization.

JASC provides practical engineering solutions and consistently delivers high-quality products on time at an affordable price.