Liquid Fuel Check Valve Improved Reliability on Gas Turbine Engines

JASC liquid fuel check valves improve the reliability of your dual fuel engine during liquid-fuel starts and fuel transfers. JASC liquid fuel check valves are designed in such a way to correct issues … [Read more...]

Keeping Liquid-Fuel System Components Cool Improves Reliability of Transfers from Gas to Oil

The auxiliaries session of the May meeting included open discussion of experience with liquid-fuel systems for dual-fuel engines. Only a couple of years ago, some owner/operators were disabling or … [Read more...]

Replace Two Types Of Check Valves And Your Backup Liquid Fuel System Can Operate At Better Than 95% Availability And Reliability

Appropriate liquid fuel and purge air check valves can provide 95% operational availability and reliability, a number far better than the typical 35 to 40% for most dual fuel applications. The … [Read more...]

Real-world Test Validates Concept

JASC liquid fuel check valve passes test installation on dual-fuel GT installation. With the availability of reliable, quality, electric power using gaseous or liquid fuel paramount, a Valero … [Read more...]

Switching from Gas to Distillate Problem-Free

Over the years, many users purchased gas turbines (GTs) with dual-fuel capability to maximize availability—or so they thought. Most of those machines were designed to operate either on natural gas … [Read more...]

Big Jet has Parts Made in the East Valley

The world's largest passenger airliner may be assembled in Europe, but its connections reach all the way to the East Valley. Two Tempe aerospace companies are making parts for the superjumbo Airbus … [Read more...]

CTOTF Conference Ads

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Combined Cycle Journal Ads

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Flying into the Future

JASC salutes USAF on its 60th anniversary. See the Full Advertisement... … [Read more...]

Blue – The Color of Liquid Fuel System Check Valve Reliability

JASC’s Actively Cooled Control Valves continue to exhibit stable operation during a successful 7FA installation at a gas turbine site on a Frame 7 engine. The blue color in the thermal images … [Read more...]