Real-world Test Validates Concept

JASC liquid fuel check valve passes test installation on dual-fuel GT installation. With the availability of reliable, quality, electric power using gaseous or liquid fuel paramount, a Valero … [Read more...]

JASC Delivers First Variable Guide Vane Actuator System for LibertyWorks YJ102R Engine

JASC has delivered the first Variable Guide Vane Actuator (VGVA) system for the Rolls-Royce LibertyWorks YJ102R engine. The YJ102R will power the RATTLRS quick-strike technology demonstrator vehicle … [Read more...]

JASC Awarded Contract with Boeing for High-Pressure “Smart” Regulator for use Aboard the X-51A Research Vehicle

JASC has been awarded a contract to design and develop a novel pressure regulator for use in the X-51A Hypersonic Research Vehicle. This device will provide highly accurate pressure regulation to … [Read more...]

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne’s Revolutionary Scramjet Engine Successfully Powers First X-51A Simulated Flight Engine using JASC High-Temperature Fuel Valves and JASC High-Pressure Start Control Valve

JASC provided PWR with the high-temperature (up to 1400 ºF) fuel distribution valves that manage hot fuel delivery to various portions of the scramjet combustor, as well as help pre-condition the … [Read more...]

Switching from Gas to Distillate Problem-Free

Over the years, many users purchased gas turbines (GTs) with dual-fuel capability to maximize availability—or so they thought. Most of those machines were designed to operate either on natural gas … [Read more...]

Big Jet has Parts Made in the East Valley

The world's largest passenger airliner may be assembled in Europe, but its connections reach all the way to the East Valley. Two Tempe aerospace companies are making parts for the superjumbo Airbus … [Read more...]

JASC Continues Excellence in Quality System Management

The JASC Corporation continues its tradition of excellence in quality system management as evidenced by the recently completed ISO 9000:2000 and AS9100 reassessment audit in March 2007. The scores … [Read more...]

CTOTF Conference Ads

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Combined Cycle Journal Ads

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Flying into the Future

JASC salutes USAF on its 60th anniversary. See the Full Advertisement... … [Read more...]