Liquid Fuel Check Valve Improved Reliability on Gas Turbine Engines

JASC liquid fuel check valves improve the reliability of your dual fuel engine during liquid-fuel starts and fuel transfers. JASC liquid fuel check valves are designed in such a way to correct issues … [Read more...]

Practical, Affordable and Effective Solutions for Obtaining Dual Fuel Gas Turbine Reliability

The Water Cooled 3-Way Purge Valve and Smart Fluid Monitor address the gas turbine industries’ need for practical, cost-effective solutions to enhance the reliability of their power plants. The … [Read more...]

Boeing 787 Arrives in Phoenix for Hot Weather Flight Testing

Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner arrived at Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport on Saturday, May 22, for hot weather flight testing. Jansen’s Aircraft Systems Controls (JASC) of Tempe, Arizona, manufactures … [Read more...]