Founder & CEO

Harvey Jansen, JASC Founder & CEOAs founder, president and CEO of Jansen’s Aircraft Systems Controls, Harvey Jansen brings over 50 years of fluid controls background and experience to the innovative products offered to customers in a global marketplace.

Academically, Mr. Jansen received Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas and Arizona State University, where he specialized in control theory. This knowledge was the catalyst that launched his professional career in the controls field in which he accumulated experience engineering and directing high technology controls programs in the aerospace industry. His passion for controls work, coupled with his innovative methods for solving control system challenges, led him to establish JASC.

Mr. Jansen holds numerous patents for control devices ranging from aerospace to industrial applications with other patents pending. Many of these patents have been reduced to practice and form the basis for JASC products. Examples of these products include:

  • Torque motor operated, direct-acting “clevis-type” metering valves that can be used for fluid or actuator control
  • Proportional solenoids with spring loading to linearize motion
  • High-temperature purge valves for gas turbine engines that select liquid fuel or hot purge air
  • Unique pintle valves for metering of both gaseous and liquid media
  • A motor operated, variable speed pump used for metering fuel that demonstrates high operating efficiency, high turn-down ratio, low internal leakage and quiet operation.
  • Hot gas valves for scramjet engine fuel management systems

Mr. Jansen’s management skills were acquired while employed in the aerospace industry and from being self-employed for over 30 years. He is largely responsible for the establishment of the engineering, manufacturing, quality and product support systems currently in place at JASC and is recognized in the industry for his company’s approach and follow-through in providing unique solutions to customer requirements.