JASC 3-Way Clevis Servo Valves: Reliable, Innovative, and Refurbishable

As an original equipment manufacturer, JASC has built and shipped over 7,000 3-way clevis servo valves and is also a certified FAA and EASA repair station for this product.

The JASC 3-way clevis servo valve is manufactured in a number of configurations. Its inherent pressure balance results in low electrical power consumption. These servo valves are capable of operating with a variety of fluids including jet fuels, calibration fluids, hydraulic oils, air and natural gas.

JASC Clevis Servo Valves can be refurbished, returning the valve to its original operating condition. This lowers the total cost of ownership significantly over servo valves that can’t be refurbished.

For more than two decades, the JASC family of servo valves has continued to provide affordable, dependable and innovative solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications. JASC’s mission is to become the preeminent supplier of valves and controls worldwide.

3-way clevis servo valve infographic